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In Lakeshore we believe that learning needs to extend beyond the traditional skills that can be taught while sitting quietly at a desk. We need to help prepare our students to be active members of their communities and to participate in the function of a thriving democratic society. With rapid changes in technology and communication, we are focused on equipping our youth with the character traits that will allow them to adapt and flourish in an ever-changing landscape. The hard skills that will be needed in the future may shift, but we are confident that investing in the character of our youth is a solid investment in tomorrow. Resilience, creativity, empathy, wisdom and old fashion grit will be needed regardless of what the future holds.

A key component of citizenship in Manitoba also includes recognizing and celebrating the diversity of our community. Lakeshore is proud to have students from a vast number of cultural backgrounds coming together in our classrooms. We also are pleased to have a number of programs where our students have the opportunity to travel internationally to experience other cultures and understand their place as a global citizen. Likewise, it is also beneficial for us to host students from other countries to add to the social fabric of our learning communities.

As a School Division, it is also imperative that we recognize and acknowledge the unique history of our region. We are proud of our heritage and the strong First Nation and Metis cultures in our communities. We also acknowledge that our Division encompasses a significant portion of Treaty No. 2 territory and in the spirit of reconciliation, we work together in educating our youth about our past and future together. We also celebrate our pioneer heritage with the immigration of Icelandic, Ukranian, and other cultures coming together to found the towns that we now call home. As time passes, we continue to welcome newcomers to our area and celebrate the richness of our multicultural society.

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