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About us

Lakeshore School Division is more than just a collection of schools. We are a place where people come together to learn and grow. We are a passionate group of educators who are focused on students and we are a key partner in forming sustainable communities and thriving individuals. We believe that education extends beyond the four walls of a classroom and prepares our youth for a changing future. There are lessons to be learned from nature while planting a garden or exploring the forest, there are lessons from our community members, and there are lessons from others as we explore different cultures. These learning opportunities expand and enrich upon our focus of literacy and numeracy to not only continue developing academic skills but also to develop the key character traits that equip our youth with the tools to create a sustainable future together.

Located approximately an hour north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, we are proud of our rural roots and what it means to be connected to the land and history of our region. Lakeshore occupies 7,000 square kilometers of Manitoba's Interlake Region. The Division serves approximately 1,000 students, employing over 200 regular staff in ten schools. The six main communities that are served by Lakeshore School Division are Moosehorn, Ashern, Eriksdale, Lundar, Inwood, and Fisher Branch.

Our Mission

  • We put students first - always.
  • We believe all children can learn and succeed.
  • We educate the whole child.
  • We help children feel safe.
  • We have high expectations.
  • We are small with big aspirations.
  • We dream big dreams with our children and their parents.
  • We take risks on the way to success.
  • We build strong relationships.
  • We embrace diversity.

An inspired community of learners

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