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Superintendents Message

A Message from Darlene Willets


Welcome to Lakeshore School Division’s website. On our website, you will find information about our schools, our programs and our division. If you have any questions about our division, please contact us.

In Lakeshore, we believe that all students can learn. For this to happen, we believe that we must support our teachers in becoming the best teachers that they can be. Lakeshore is a division that prides itself on strong professional development and doing all that we can to help our students be strong in literacy and numeracy. All our schools are focused on the important job of creating literate and numerate future leaders.

In Lakeshore, we believe in the power of our teachers and strongly focus our professional development on what our teachers need to teach the students that are in front of them at that moment. We emphasize teachers’ honing their skills in teaching literacy and numeracy at all grade levels. We know that our teachers make a difference for our students in reading, writing and math.

A Message from Donald Nikkel

Superintendent of HR, Policy and Public Relations, Alternative Programmingdonald-2-1.753c93341.jpg

Education is about people. It is about students and equipping them with the tools and character traits to live thriving lives. It is about the people that make up our communities and how we create sustainable futures together. It is about the staff who work with our children and dedicate their lives to preparing the next generation for a changing world and workplace.

As superintendent of human resources, I have the privilege of working with a staff that puts students first, every day. This starts in the morning with our bus drivers covering hundreds of kilometres of roadways to pick up our students and then transitions to our teachers, administrators and support staff who all work to achieve our student learning outcomes. Beyond our front line staff who work directly with the students, there is also a team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our buildings clean and well maintained, our buses running, computers working, and bills paid. Every one of these staff members is an integral part of who we are as Lakeshore School Division. Together we are building a future of thriving individuals and communities.

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