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Fisher Branch Early Years School - Why is Attendance Important?

2023 Social Media Post - Spirit Buddies3 2023 Social Media Post - Spirit Buddies1 2023 Social Media Post - Spirit Buddies4

Regular participation in the FBE year is critical to student success.

To promote attendance, we celebrate and acknowledge students who are caring, kind, and respectful, cultivating a warm, safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment.

Staff, students, and community members feel safe, accepted and a greater sense of belonging. Students begin their school day participating in a new initiative called Spirit Buddies.

Students partner with a classmate to share and talk about their previous evening, weekend, share something, etc.

This social emotional learning activity allows for positive student interactions, while students practice empathetic listening skills.

Students make connections to others first thing in the morning, helping them to build positive relationships.

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