FAQ  for the 2021/22 school year


Where can I go for general information on COVID?

We recommend following information from established public health organizations such as:

Province of Manitoba

World Health Organization

Where can I go for further details about Manitoba Education's plan?


The link below is a provincial guide for the 2021/22 year.



Will students be learning in person this year?

Yes, schools will be fully open and students will be learning in-person.


What are the requirements for masks?

As of October 1st, 2021, the province has indicated that masks will be required for all staff, visitors and students (k-12) while indoors or in a bus.  Masks can only be removed outside, or when there is 2 metres of spacing indoors for eating/drinking or short mask breaks.



What does physical distancing in classrooms look like?

Students are distanced to the greatest extent possible within the school while also ensuring that educational outcomes are achieved and normal activities can resume.  Students will be learning in their regular classrooms but their desks will be spaced as widely apart as possible.  Due to the large size of our schools relative to student population, in many cases desks will be 2 metres apart but this will vary depending on the class size and available space and there will be situations where students will be seated closer than 2 metres.  Please contact your school if you have particular questions about the classroom that your child will be in.


Will there be requirements for vaccines?

Public Health is not mandating COVID vaccines for students. 

Public health has indicated that staff will be able to choose between being vaccinated or be regularly tested for COVID.

Will there be COVID immunization clinics offered in schools?

Yes, public health will be offering immunization for COVID in schools across Manitoba.  As per our board policy, access to immunization clinics in schools will only be available to students below the age of 18 who have signed parental permission forms.  

Notification will be given to parents prior to clinics occurring.  

For more information on immunizations please see below:

Province of Manitoba guidance

World Health Organization guidance

What will busing look like?

Students need to sit on their assigned spot on a bus similar to last year. and wear a mask.  They will be grouped according to grade cohorts to limit the number of contacts in a day.  There will be no bus notes this year.


Extra-curricular Activities?

We know that extra-curricular activities are incredibly important to the well-being of our students.  They will resume this year as long as they follow the current public health guidelines.


Can students use water fountains?

Our intention is to phase out water fountains in our schools and continue to replace them with touchless water bottle refill stations.  This will provide a long-term layer of safety for our students.  Please continue to send water bottles along with your child.


Can students use microwaves?

Microwaves will be allowed this year.  Hand hygiene is needed before use and masks need to be worn while moving around the lunch area.


What is the ventilation system like in my child’s classroom?

Over the past number of years, our division has been in the process of upgrading and modernizing our ventilations systems.  This proactive work means that all of our schools have air handling systems that bring fresh air in and circulate it throughout the building.  Most of our buildings have highly automated systems that actively monitor air quality and adjust ventilation accordingly.


What do I do if my child is sick? 

If your child is ill they should stay home and not go to school.  Please click on the following link for up-to-date guidance and the current process to follow.  In general, your child may return to school if they have received a negative test and have been symptom-free for 24 hours.   



Can I send my child to school if someone in the house is self-isolating? 

If someone is your household is getting tested for COVID and they are not a close contact of a known case then your child may continue to come to school.

If someone has been travelling out of country or province there are a number of criteria and exceptions that may apply.  See below.



If my child is told to self-isolate due to being a close contact at school does the whole household need to self-isolate? 

No, the whole household would not need to self-isolate unless your child becomes symptomatic.



What happens if my child gets sick while at school? 

You will be contacted and asked to come and pick your child up. 



What do we do if someone in our family travelled out of Province or Country? 

In general, the whole household would need to self-isolate and your child should not attend school.  For details and exceptions, including those for fully vaccinated individuals, please see the following link. 



What would be the criteria for a school closure due to COVID? 

In the event that there is a COVID case in a school, the division will work closely with public health to determine close contacts and the risk of transmission.  Depending on the circumstances the division may pre-emptively close a school for a day to conduct contact tracing, assess the situation, and conduct widespread sanitization.  If there is a need for a longer closure the school and division will be in contact with parents to make arrangements for remote learning and supervision of children of critical care workers. 


Community use of schools

Community use of schools will continue this year.  It is the responsibility of the user to inform themselves and follow current public health guidelines for the activities that they plan on carrying out.