Superintendent's Message

Every few years, we as a division take time to step back and consider the significant growth within the division for both students and educators. Recently, we looked back over five years and several themes clearly emerged across all schools and communities, themes that warrant celebration and maintenance. Let me share these with you the reader.

To ensure sustainable change over time, the way educators work together becomes critically important. Schools talked about the shift in their cultures from an individualistic approach to one that values collaboration. A place where teachers work together to solve challenging teaching issues, focus on effective practice and where students are encouraged to learn with and from each other.

Evidence of students’ learning has become the driver of teaching. Schools talked about the shift to data informed practice, a practice which allows improved differentiated instruction and a clear focus on those students who required support and growth. The use of evidence allowed teachers to use the teaching practices that proved to be most effective.

What the Lakeshore educational community talks about signals the values of that community. Student learning is the overarching and ongoing conversation in schools. This shift changed the way “we do business” with less talk about management, organization, events and more talk about students’ their progress and achievement.

Finally, a focus on equity for all has strengthened the resolve to ensure all students have the reading, writing and numeracy skills they need to live their lives in a way that allows them to both create and take advantage of all opportunities.

Celebrate with us as we learn and grow as a school division.

Janet Martell