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The Broad Valley Colony school is committed to a child centered educational experience where the students learn academically, socially, and emotionally in a safe and caring environment that enables them to become productive members of the colony, within the Hutterite belief system. Nestled in the farm and ranch land surrounding Poplarfield, Manitoba, lies the Hutterite colony of Broad Valley. Broad Valley Colony School, its staff and students are a part of that community. The public school program provides a complete K-12 Education for all students with a focus on career development and work related skills learned through work on the colony over the students’ senior years. The children are also provided with direct German instruction daily before and after their regular English school as well as on Saturday mornings. Members of the community provide this instruction.

Our staffing includes a combination of part time administration, K-8 and High School teachers and administrative assistants.

All the school's activities are underscored by four simply stated goals which were set by the community elders, staff and students: Be Mannerly, Eat Well, Do School Work, Do Homework, Practice English, and Keep School Clean.

Broad Valley Colony School
PO Box 8
Poplarfield, MB R0C 2N0
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